Mike Hopkins, Astronaut from Missouri, Shares Photos of the Show-Me State from Space

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Mike Hopkins via Twitter
Astronaut Mike Hopkins.
Just weeks before he's scheduled to return to Earth, astronaut Mike Hopkins captured two beautiful photos from the International Space Station of his childhood home in Missouri.

The International Space Station took Hopkins and his "roommates" -- Russian cosmonauts Oleg Kotov and Servey Ryazanskiy -- past Hopkins' childhood home in Richland, Missouri, and past his high school in Osage Beach, Missouri, earlier this month.

Hopkins snapped a photo and shared it on Twitter:

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The station also orbited over Hopkins' high school alma mater, School of the Osage in the Lake of the Ozarks.

Hopkins frequently posts his amazing views of Earth from space on Twitter. In November, his orbit took him over St. Louis, where he shared this photo of River City:

Hopkins was born in Lebanon, Missouri, and grew up on a farm about 150 miles southwest of St. Louis. His parents still live in Warrensburg and Camdenton. Hopkins graduated with his bachelor's degree from the University of Illinois in 1991.

He is scheduled to return to Earth in March 2014.

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Brook D'Crook
Brook D'Crook

say look at all those natural streams and wetlands destroyed by dams and supplanted by lakes poisoned by gas powered boats...st. louis looks like a massive concrete combined stormwater and sewage cesspool nightmare.

Tony Liu
Tony Liu

can they really see a city from the space? we were taught Great Wall can be seen from the space, but that's wrong which is confirmed by astronauts.

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