Police Nab Suspects in Merciless Nerf Gun Drive-By Shooting

Brian Schellman, media relations officer for the St. Louis County Police Department, tells Daily RFT that the two-day investigation was a thorough process.

"Through investigative tools that we have and because [the cashier] had a partial description of the vehicle and a partial plate number, we were able to match that to a description of the suspects in the shooting," he says.

Applebaum and Winkler were charged with third-degree assault for the tube-shaped polyurethane strike.

"They didn't intend to hurt this person," says Schellman, "but any time you put the victim in reasonable fear, that can be construed, by Missouri State statute, as 'assault.'"

The suspected Nerf gun markswoman and getaway driver each face up to fifteen days in the county jail and a fine of up to $300.

KMOV (Channel 4) diligently reported on the nefarious Nerf attack:

Daily RFT is working to confirm if the suspects were influenced by the wave of violent Nerf gun battle videos that have swept the Internet in recent years, such as this one:

We'll update when we do.

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