St. Louis Veteran Mails 20 Boxes of Cat Feces to Companies that Won't Hire Him

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"It's not my fault! I didn't mail it!"
Call it Brown's brown revenge.

Jevon Brown, a 58-year-old veteran from St. Louis, mailed cat feces to a company when they didn't offer him a job, earning him two years probation Friday for the misdemeanor charge of mailing injurious articles.

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The U.S. Postal Service found 20 poop packages tied to Brown, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Brown's fecal form of payback seems out of character for the veteran, who has almost no criminal history. He told the court he was seeking help from a counselor and from his church.

"I'm sorry," Brown told the court. "This will never happen again."

Brown has since found a job, according to the Post-Dispatch.

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Jesse Irwin
Jesse Irwin

I don't worship every eighteen-year-old kid that puts on a uniform. Some are heroes. Some are just there. Some are losers.

Jesse Irwin
Jesse Irwin

Start your own business, whiner. Nobody owes you anything.

Susan Wolters
Susan Wolters

I guess the companies were right not to hire him, call it a hunch, lol

ut_4_me topcommenter

C'mon.   You've all wanted to do this at one time or another.

Ted Funkhouser
Ted Funkhouser

that will really look good on his resume! Have a distinct impression that Jevon is going to be a part of the "long term" unemployed group!

Adam Fry
Adam Fry

Jevon has follow through, just the kind of trait an employer should love.

Chanette Marie Scott
Chanette Marie Scott

Its not surprising that he didn't get hired. This country doesn't respect veterans nearly as much as they should

Tim Baylard
Tim Baylard

I guess the companies made the correct choice not to hire him.

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