Two Proud St. Louis Perverts Explain The Romance Of A Kinky Valentines Day

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Wraith and Holliday during a 2011 Fleshtivus party. (Yes, Wraith's dick is in a box.)
2. What To Do Before Doing Each Other

Never fear, polyamorous or otherwise non-traditionally sized relationship groups: You can still make traditional gestures to your loved ones, if you want to. Some businesses are even trying to cater to the needs of polyamorous households. The newly opened Fleur de Lou flower shop on Delmar is advertising to the poly community: "Unique arrangements for your unique arrangement."

"I've heard stories where someone calls up a shop and tries to order flowers for their wife and girlfriend, and people always get the wrong idea," says owner Erin Gerrity. She wants her store to become the place for a guy to order flowers for as many girlfriends as he wants without garnering moral disapproval.

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As for a romantic dinner, sex-positive coffee shop Shameless Grounds is transforming itself into a "vintage supper club" on February 14, with burlesque dancers, live music and (of course) supper.

"It would be a fun opportunity for a poly triad or a poly household of four to have a fun evening," says Shameless Grounds owner Andrew Mueller.

Continue to find out why those in BDSM relationships have it the easiest on Valentines Day...

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