5 Things Blues Fans Need to Know About Ryan Miller

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4. He doesn't mind tweeting hot photos of his wife.

Speaking of Miller's wife, she does some modeling from time to time, and the star goalie isn't afraid to show off the pics, like he did earlier this month when he retweeted Maxim ...

3. He gets sentimental with his face masks

For much of his career, Miller has had the phrase "Matt Man" painted on the back of his helmet to honor his cousin, Matt Schoals, who lost a long battle to cancer in 2007 at the age of eighteen.

Surprisingly, this simple tribute became an issue in 2010 when the International Olympic Committee told Miller he would have to cover up the phrase on his helmet because it violated Rule 51, which forbids any "demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas." How exactly "Matt Man" violated that rule is unclear, but after Miller contested and explained what it meant to him and his family, the IOC gave in.

Miller also had the phrase "Miller Time" on his helmet, which the IOC did not let him keep -- Blues owner Tom Stillman would probably have agreed.

More recently, Miller got a special face mask for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. And on the back he put himself, his wife, and their dog in the form of Russian Matryoshka dolls.

Miller's Sochi mask.

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Joey Joejoe
Joey Joejoe

I don't care. On paper he is the best goalie the Blues have ever had. Bring home the CUP!

Ralph Johnston
Ralph Johnston

ive meet Charlie Sheen he is a not a nice person

Mark Ramsey
Mark Ramsey

If you are trying to get sports news from RFT, you might be the useless one...this is good water cooler fodder...if yadi was friends with sheen everyone would have a boner over it, so chill out pal.

Al Pal
Al Pal

Probably because it isn't remotely relevant to his skills as a hockey player.

Al Pal
Al Pal

What a useless article. I'd like to know more about his skills as, you know, a hockey player, but apparently that isn't something we "need" to know?


Well, he had the "Miller-Time" on the back of his temporary mask in last night's Blues debut, but who knows if it'll be on his permanent STL version. 

Also, tried reading page 3 of your article and got this, wouldn't open, thought you should know just in case it's something on your end:

"IPS detected for "EXPLOIT Cross-site Scripting -1/Access Control"

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