5 Things Blues Fans Need to Know About Ryan Miller

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2. He doesn't mind a little trash talk.

When Sabres defenseman John Scott called Leafs defenseman Dion Phaneuf a "princess" for getting angry about a bodycheck he endured during a game last November, Miller showed his support by favoriting this tweet.

But Miller doesn't only support mocking opponents in passive-aggressive ways. He can talk his own trash, too, like he did when he called Bruins winger Milan Lucic a "piece of shit" several times.

After getting run over by the burly winger during a 2011 game in Boston, Miller told the Buffalo News what he thought:

"I'm not really going to get into that," Miller said in TD Garden. "I just stuck around because I wanted to say what a piece of shit I think Lucic is. Fifty pounds on me, and he runs me like that? It's unbelievable. Everyone in this city see him as a big, tough, solid player. I respected him for how hard he plays. That was gutless. Gutless. Piece of shit."

Here's what made Miller so mad:

1. The man really likes beanies.


And he apparently wants to carry on the beanie tradition here in St. Louis...

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Joey Joejoe
Joey Joejoe

I don't care. On paper he is the best goalie the Blues have ever had. Bring home the CUP!

Ralph Johnston
Ralph Johnston

ive meet Charlie Sheen he is a not a nice person

Mark Ramsey
Mark Ramsey

If you are trying to get sports news from RFT, you might be the useless one...this is good water cooler fodder...if yadi was friends with sheen everyone would have a boner over it, so chill out pal.

Al Pal
Al Pal

Probably because it isn't remotely relevant to his skills as a hockey player.

Al Pal
Al Pal

What a useless article. I'd like to know more about his skills as, you know, a hockey player, but apparently that isn't something we "need" to know?


Well, he had the "Miller-Time" on the back of his temporary mask in last night's Blues debut, but who knows if it'll be on his permanent STL version. 

Also, tried reading page 3 of your article and got this, wouldn't open, thought you should know just in case it's something on your end:

"IPS detected for "EXPLOIT Cross-site Scripting -1/Access Control"

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