Ballpark Village: Here's What Happens When You Violate Our Dress Code

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Egan O'Keefe
Sorry, ma'am, no jerseys allowed in Ballpark Village unless it's a game day.
After all this talk about Ballpark Village's late-night dress code policy, we just have to ask:

Whether you're dressed like the Village People or just wearing a Wacha jersey on a non-game day, what happens to patrons at Ballpark Village who break the dress code?

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The dress code itself, printed on the websites for eight of the village's bars and restaurants, says management can "deny entry or remove" anyone in violation.

But after Wednesday's outcry over the overly strict sartorial rules, Ballpark Village's developers, Cordish Cos., and the Cardinals released a joint statement to calm things down.

Jon Gichoff
"Sorry, ladies, no sweat pants allowed at Ballpark Village. No jerseys, either, unless it's a game day."
"In the rare event that a guest is not permitted access due to a dress code violation, he or she will be offered a refund on Ballpark Village parking expenses (if any) and a free valet voucher for the Ballpark Village parking lot for a future visit," the statement reads.

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Dress codes, as Ballpark Village's developers also point out, are hardly new to casinos, theme parks, live music venues, restaurants or bars.

"A customer code of conduct -- which includes a dress code -- is a recommended practice by police and alcohol boards across the country for entertainment areas and is currently implemented by similar businesses in St. Louis," the statement says.

A third-party, minority-owned firm will handle enforcing the dress code after 9 p.m. at FOX Sports Midwest Live!, PBR St. Louis and the Budweiser Brew House.

So if you get kicked out of a Ballpark Village club because of your (lack of) sleeves, bandanna or too-long T-shirt, at least you get a night of free parking out of it?

One bar, FOX Sports Midwest Live!, has changed its dress code to allow jerseys:

But if you really want to stick to the dress code, we suggest this strategy:

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