10 Reasons Why Ticket Sales Are Slow for the Bosnia, Ivory Coast Soccer Match in STL

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5. There's no Chelsea F.C.
Jon Gitchoff
The Chelsea v. Manchester City was a rare opportunity for St. Louis Chelsea fans to witness their beloved team in person. Remember, some of these fans have been waking at the break of dawn for years to stumble down to a soccer-friendly bar that will show their team playing many time zones away. Chelsea fans in St. Louis lost their lids when they heard their favorite team was coming here.

But national teams don't quite work that way. The World Cup only comes around every four years, so fans aren't cheering their national teams through a season the way they do with the English Premiere League. National teams are about celebrating national pride, and ticket sales could start to surge when St. Louis' thriving Bosnian community starts claiming seats.

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6. There's no C.F. Real Madrid.

Jon Gitchoff
See No. 5.

7. There's no Manchester City F.C.

Jon Gitchoff
See No. 5.

8. There's no F.C. Inter Milan.
See No. 5.

9. It's the fourth big friendly in a year.

Jon Gitchoff
If there were four Justin Bieber concerts in St. Louis in twelve months, would each one really be packed with screaming fans? Well, maybe. But still. We're not saying St. Louis is too spoiled to appreciate this World Cup preview, but it's hard to stay excited for four once-in-a-lifetime events in a row.

10. Everyone is focused on baseball.
We don't know if you've heard, but Ballpark Village has a new dress code...

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No one's ready to write off St. Louis' next big soccer match quite yet. Nye says tickets went on sale earlier for this game than for previous ones.

"I think the expectation is that a large majority of these tickets are going t be sold within a short window leading up to the game," Nye tells Fox Sports.

If you want to buy tickets to the May 30 game against Bosnia-Herzegovina and Ivory Coast at the Edward Jones Dome, log on to the Road to Brazil website.

"Because of the success St. Louis had last year with supporting not one, but three matches, I think that really helped us beat out some other more likely markets to host this match," Bye tells Fox Sports. "And with that as a backdrop, we expect it to be successful and we need the word out that, yes, tickets are available and very affordable and reasonably priced."

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