Homicide No. 27: Clem Russell, Suspected Jack in the Box Robber, Shot While Gambling

Clem Russell, a nineteen-year-old from south city, was just one of the four people in St. Louis City shot in three separate shootings in a two-hour stretch Saturday night.

But he's the only one who didn't make it out alive.

Russell was gambling with friends in the alley behind the 3500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue before 6 p.m. when an unknown gunman started firing, striking Russell in the back and shoulder and striking another twenty-year-old victim in the shoulder.

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The 3500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, where Clem Russell was shot.
Russell caught Daily RFT's radar two years ago when he was arrested for robbing the South Kingshighway Jack in the Box during a spate of fast-food stickups.

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When Russell was arrested two hours after the robbery, he was wearing the same clothes and hiding the same type of gun seen in surveillance video of the robbery, police said. He and an accomplice were also carrying the exact amount of money stolen from the restaurant.

The Jack in the Box armed robbery felt like the last straw for restaurant workers at a time when the news was full of violent stories involving fast-food joints, including some White Castle robberies and the robberies (and murder) of pizza-delivery drivers.

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As part of his conditional release, a judge ordered Russell to stay away from the south-city Jack in the Box. Last year, he was charged with two counts of assault by physical injury of a highway worker in a construction zone and two counts of marijuana possession.

There were two other (apparently unrelated) shootings Saturday night, according to police reports.

Continue reading for more about the other two shootings, as well as full reports from police.

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jaco1175 topcommenter

Im sure its all a frame up by them popos. Peeps dont fnitch. Lets her it from ther mommas, my baby dint do nuffin!


How did this idiot get to be a judge? How did this proscutor go for it?  Dont' tell me that people on the Northside don't call the police, because they do.  It's just that the police work is bad and the prosecution is really poor and the sentences are almost non existent.  I'm sorry for the people who have to live with it. 

Amy L Latham
Amy L Latham

I do see a trend. Lol! That's St. Louis!

JamesMadison topcommenter

Sounds like the lenient sentence for violent crimes resulted in his death. Had he been locked up for years, he would be alive today. Perhaps justice won out.

Christa Kagy
Christa Kagy

I HATE this column. RFT, you should be embarrassed.

Corey Kallmbah
Corey Kallmbah

One dirt bag down .sounds like he wasn't worth two shits anyway .

Marc Dangerfield
Marc Dangerfield

You know the news should report more about what's happening in North City. It reminds us how smart and evolved we are for living in Wildwood.

Matt Berger
Matt Berger

Wouldn't be St. Louis if someone didn't get shot.


If you live by it, you die by it.


I guess you're perfect huh you idiot!!!???

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