Cornell McKay's Lawyers Want Megan Boken's Killer To Testify

Megan Boken.
The allegations raised by McKay's lawyers have reopened wounds for Megan Boken's family, especially Ramsey's claim that "Megan Boken would be alive right now" had police arrested Esters in time.

That argument was so offensive to Boken's sister, Annie Boken Palazzolo, that she penned a stinging letter to the editor in the Post-Dispatch earlier this week, writing: "I refuse to sit by while Ramsey takes advantage of Megan's tragedy."

As for Ramsey, he stands by his client.

"I feel very badly for the Boken family. And I can feel how they've been traumatized through this process," he says. "But I am doing my best to represent an innocent man. When I see things that have been done improperly and illegally in the course of an investigation, then I have a solemn duty to my client to raise those issues. I consider them to be legitimate issues."

Here's the motion filed by McKay's lawyers's yesterday, requesting Keith Esters be brought as a witness at next week's hearing.

Cornell McKay: Motion 3/5/14

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