Drunk "Ice Cream Junkie" Gets Six Years For Stealing Frozen Treats from Church

Andre Jung, a.k.a. the Ice Cream Junkie.
Woah, woah, woah -- before all you soft-on-crime liberals get outraged, there's more to this story.

Yes, Andrew Steven Jung, 25, was sentenced to six years for breaking into a church and stealing ice cream. The self-described "ice cream junkie" was really wasted last March and, being in St. Charles, decided a fun thing to do would be to smash a glass door to a house of Jesus and raid the fridge of its frozen dairy treats.

Police found him three blocks down the road, his face covered in ice cream. Questioned by police, Jung explained he was an "ice cream junkie."

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The understandably ridiculous story made national news with the words "Ice Cream Junkie" in headlines on Huffington Post, NBC News and a website called "MoronWorld.com," which, sadly, is not around anymore.

Can't get these in prison.

On Thursday, the Post-Dispatch reported Judge Nancy Schneider sentenced Jung to six years in prison for burglary.

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Schneider had seen Jung in her court before -- in 2010 when he pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary. Apparently his first criminal conviction, she sentenced him to a five-year suspended sentence and didn't do any time. Instead, he got five years' probation.

Just over one year later in August 2011, Jung was caught driving drunk. Judge Elizabeth Swann sentenced him to two more years of probation.

Then in April 2012, Judge Schneider saw Jung again, this time for being accused of leaving the scene of a motor-vehicle accident. The now habitual offender didn't get any time, but was let out on a $10,000 bond.

And then came March 2013, when Jung was caught stealing dessert from God.

For Schneider, apparently, this was the last popsicle stand, so she sentenced Jung to six years in the slammer.

It's a tough sentence, but he could be out in fewer than six years. Hopefully Jung gets the treatment he needs in prison.

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Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

Maybe he can meet other criminals and turn violent. That would be great for society.


Seriously pisses me off that tax payer money ($45k a year) is being used to house some drunk guy who stole ice ream for 6 YEARS. Was it because he stole from the Church and the judge is some Jesus freak that got offended? Would it be six years if he stole some ice cream from the grocery store? This is a quarter million dollars wasted. Seriously we have people serving lesser sentences for rape, then getting out and doing it again. This place is seriously fucked up.. We need to stop locking up non violent drug offenders and alcoholics and offer them treatment so they can actually be productive members of society and PAY taxes instead of wasting them, and lock up violent offenders for way longer = better society. 

Sara Ivie-Trankler
Sara Ivie-Trankler

We don't treat addiction in prison. It's corporate slavery. This won't rehabilitate him. Maybe strict one year rehab program and halfway house for a couple years. This is appalling because we have violent offenders such as wife beaters, pedophiles, and sexual predators that barely spend a year in prison. This is ridiculous. Its apparent there is an alcohol addiction. So stick him in prison and ruin his life once and for all.

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