Thieves Get Jail Time for Robbing South City Imo's Pizza Delivery Man at Knifepoint

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Auntre Moore and Christopher Moore.
Remember when robbing fast-food joints was the hot new St. Louis crime trend?

Well, maybe the fates of Auntre and Christopher Moore will convince like-minded criminals to leave St. Louis' poor pizza-delivery workers alone.

Both men pleaded guilty to first-degree robbery, first-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action after robbing an Imo's Pizza delivery man in December 2012. Auntre Moore, 21, will serve 10 years in prison. Christopher Moore, 30, was sentenced to 17 years in prison earlier this month.

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The night before the Moores decided to steal pizza, wings and salad from the Imo's delivery guy, two men armed with bricks attacked a Pizza Milano delivery woman two miles south on the same street. In the months before that, two Imo's Pizza delivery men were killed on the job, one in Dellwood and one in Hillsdale.

Brick-and-mortar stores didn't fare much better. After robberies at White Castle and a south-city Jack in the Box, Daily RFT wrote a letter of support to St. Louis' beleaguered fast-food workers.

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Auntre and Christopher Moore's 2012 robbery started with a simple delivery. As the delivery man, identified only by the initials E.D., waited with a pizza, some wings and a salad at the door to a Dutchtown apartment building, Christopher Moore attacked him with a knife.

Circuit Attorney's Office
The Circuit Attorney's Office designed this catchy logo to celebrate locking up two pizza delivery robbers.
"I'm gonna kill this fool, get 'em!" Christopher Moore shouted with his knife to the victim's throat, according to the Circuit Attorney's office.

Auntre Moore joined them, pinning E.D. against the wall and stealing his money, cell phone and wallet. E.D. fought back and ran toward the car, but his attackers pushed him to the ground.

Christopher Moore, still holding the knife, sat on E.D., yelled that he was going to kill him and tried to slice his throat open.

E.D. finally escaped to the car, looking back to see the men take his hat, which had fallen off in the struggle, and the pizza, according to the Circuit Attorney's office.

When police arrived, they found a trail of salad leading to an upstairs apartment, where both men were inside with the food and E.D.'s hat. The delivery man positively identified his attackers.

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