Cornell McKay Conviction Upheld By Judge; Post-Dispatch Reporter Compelled to Testify

Here's the amended motion prosecutors filed to ban members of McKay's church from attending his sentencing. It describes the incident where some church members allegedly harassed the husband of the victim of the August 10 robbery.

Amended Motion to Exclude

Here's the affidavit filed by Post-Dispatch reporter Jennifer Mann.

Jennifer Mann Affidavit

Finally, here's the Post-Dispatch's motion to quash the state's subpoena calling Mann as a witness, followed by a detailed memo of support by the papers' attorney Joseph Martineau.

Post-Dispatch: Motion to Quash Subpoena for Reporter Testimony

Post-Dispatch: Memo in Supp of Motion to Quash

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Why not try the "skittles and tea" defense?

I'm sure there is a photo of this young man when he was 12 years old that would show how similar he would be to a President's' son.

A woman was senselessly killed for a cell phone. 

That yute was part of a brutal murder (probably more). That is a fact.

Remember the victim , she doesn't get any appeals.

Lussenpop moderator

@Lefonda  To be clear, Cornell McKay had nothing to do with Megan Boken's murder. Everyone agrees on that.

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