Lynn Terry, St. Louis Photographer, Captures Smooching Pooches in Doggie Photo Booth

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Lynn Terry Photography
Bumper gives Willis a big sloppy kiss.

What happens when you put two adorable pit bulls in a photo booth?

Answer: They do what humans always seem to do -- make out with each other.

That's what St. Louis photographer Lynn Terry discovered when she created a photo booth for St. Louis dogs for Valentines Day, and the results are just to die for.

"I had all these old shots of people in photo booths collected from random places, and I thought, 'I wonder how just this would be to do with dogs,'" Terry, 38, tells Daily RFT. "As soon as I put them in front of the camera, they sat down and started kissing each other. Like, 'Nobody's looking. Let's make out!"

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Many of the dogs in Terry's photos are rescues, including Willis, whose mother was saved during a 2009 operation that rescued 407 dogs from a dog-fighting ring.

Willis was born in a compound during the months-long investigation into what would become the largest dog-fighting raid in U.S. history. In his photo shoot (see the photo above), another rescued pit bull named Bumper gives him a big sloppy kiss.

Lynn Terry Photography
"He was one of the feel-good, happy endings," Terry says. "He's in a great, great home now."

For Valentine's Day, Terry opened her doggy-style photo booth to St. Louisans who wanted a memento of man's best friend. Again, the results were adorable:

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