Lynn Terry, St. Louis Photographer, Captures Smooching Pooches in Doggie Photo Booth

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Lynn Terry Photography
Terry, who didn't grow up with animals, admits she was more of a cat person for years. But that all changed when an ex-boyfriend gave her a pit bull as a present.

"I bent over backwards to do everything for this dog," which she named DeeDee, Terry says. DeeDee died last year at fifteen years old. "When she passed away, it was really hard because she's been with me more than anything, all my homes, all my careers, all my relationships."

Lynn Terry Photography
Now that Terry's Valentine's Day portraits are going as viral as her original photo-booth shot, she's thinking of pitching the idea of a photo book to literary agents. She's already heard from Good Morning America, the Today Show, the Huffington Post and other international outlets.

Terry honed her pet-photography craft working pro bone-o (sorry) for local shelters, including Mutts n Stuff, a nonprofit pit-bull rescue in St. Louis. Now her work is drawing a fanbase, and she's selling the images on Etsy and donating a portion of the proceeds to Mutts n Stuff.

Lynn Terry Photography

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