Too Drunk to Remember St. Louis Mardi Gras? 19 Awesome Photos to Help You Remember

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She's also the founder of Booze for Jesus.

Wrong cleavage, dude.

Those are some big balls.

Jack in the Box got too drunk at Mardi Gras again. Oh, Jack.

For some reason, beer makes ladies crouch during pictures. We can't figure out why.

If your friends get out of control, just tie them to you with beads. Genius.

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Buzz Hurtado
Buzz Hurtado

lucky for us it was just the way we got home that we forgot hahahaha, but we pieced it together between the 3 of us

Pattie Van Horn Murphy
Pattie Van Horn Murphy

There really was only one pic that I was surprised they had in there the rest weren't bad..

Kelly Zumbehl
Kelly Zumbehl

Wow everyone who commented on this doesn't sound like I would ever hang out with you. God forbid people have fun.

Bradley Fastcode
Bradley Fastcode

These are the worst captions I've ever read from the RFT. Lazy, unintelligent, unfunny, obvious and redundant.

James Perry
James Perry

They need to find something to replace alcohol, that never causes one to forget the night before and no hangovers. Hmm, but what! :)

Josh A Damm
Josh A Damm

I seen a few of these people but also seen ones much more intoxicated.

Dale Proctor
Dale Proctor

And I'm sure most got drunk and drove home. Walked right pass the police and got in their cars and drove home! What is wrong with this picture?!?

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