Local Cops Bust New York Thieves in $400K Counterfeit Retail Receipt Scheme

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Ishaan Davis' crew used fake receipts to steal more than $400,00 in faked returns.
A Maryland Heights traffic stop unraveled a five-state, eleven-year counterfeit receipt fraud scheme and sent the five New Yorkers responsible to jail for as long as seven years.

Ishaan Davis, 37, and Ingrid Millsaps, 44, confessed to using stolen clothes, fake receipts and counterfeit identification to steal more than $400,000 over eleven years from stores -- including Ann Taylor, the Loft and the Gap -- in Missouri, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois.

The scheme came apart on November 29, 2012, when Maryland Heights police officer pulled Davis over for a traffic stop. In the car, police found Toshiba laptop computers, a Star TSP 100 Future Print receipt printer, document-making card stock, counterfeit Florida and New York drivers licenses in Davis' name and the names of others and assorted clothing with sales tags attached.

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Police took Davis and two co-conspirators -- Shonta Simpson, 29, and William Randall Estes, 23 -- back to their hotel rooms, where they found more boxes of clothes with tags still attached mailed from New York.

Davis, Simpson and Estes planned to return the stolen merchandise for cash using the equipment found in his car, according to the United States Attorney's Office. Estes received a daily wage for his contributions, and Simpson was awarded a percentage of the money from the clothes she returned.

The most impressive criminal mind in the bunch may belong to Ingrid Millsaps, 44, who stole most the merchandise Davis' crew returned for eleven years.

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