Local Cops Bust New York Thieves in $400K Counterfeit Retail Receipt Scheme

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Once, on an order to send more clothes for illegal returns, Millsaps stole $60,000 of clothing and other items during a two- to three-week period.

The U.S. Attorney's Office says Millsaps typically stole at least $5,000 within three days. She also stole receipt tape and proprietal store information from retailers, such as Ann Taylor.

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Leo Lewis, 33, recruited Estes and helped mail stolen goods to Davis, according to the attorney's office. In Davis' St. Louis hotel rooms, police found receipts from wire transfers to Millsaps and Lewis.

On Monday, the court sentenced the group to a collective 245 months, or more than 20 years in prison. Davis, of Springfield Gardens, New York, and Millsaps, of Brooklyn, were each sentenced to 87 months. Lewis, of Brooklyn, was sentenced to 41 months. Simpson, of Brooklyn, received 18 months, and Estes, of Brooklyn, was sentenced to a year and a day.

The City of Maryland Heights Police Department and the United States Postal Inspection Service investigated the case.

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Angela Andrews Foldi
Angela Andrews Foldi

I prosecute. I don't even care if the item is a freaking penny. You have the nerve to take something from my store you're gonna pay the fine. And people are pretty brazen these days. They get pretty pissed when I won't let them return things without receipts too but its because of all the theft.

Genia Ackworth
Genia Ackworth

I hardly believe its because of ethnicity. Many stores have policies not to prosecute. Why, I don't have a clue. They're wasting law enforcement's time and resources. Stores robbed at gun point yet still don't have security cameras installed.

Genia Ackworth
Genia Ackworth

How about Famous Footwear, Dierburgs, DSW, Walmart?.... Thieves case these places and try many different ways to steal. A cop told me if the stores don't prosecute they don't want to waste their time responding to a call. I don't blame them at all!!! Security cameras are a necessity these days.

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

You wouldn't believe how much is stolen from Victoria's Secret at the Galleria. They just pick an item off the shelf, walk up to the register, and demand a refund. The store is so afraid of being sued (for ethnicity reasons) they don't bother to argue.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

that's a lot of sensible shoes and sweater vests.

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