Missouri's D.C. Representatives Fight for Corporate Right to Put God in Your Uterus

In fact, not one of Missouri's representatives has come out against Hobby Lobby, not even Senator Claire McCaskill.

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McCaskill hasn't made any media statements defending women's right to contraception in this case, and her last tweet was on March 22 -- about a Mizzou wrestler:

Meanwhile, Missouri's other representatives have been tweeting up a storm to defend corporation's right to discriminate against women, if that's what their religion calls for.

Here's Representative Vicky Hartzler showing support for Christian-owned, sweatshop-exploiting corporations over women:

Here's Ann Wagner also hating on the ladies:

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Jason Smith was busy talking about hydropower this week, but he found the time to stick his nose in the uterus debate:

And Representative Billy Long wrote a very dry anti-contraception response just to throw his two cents in, because why not?

Representative Emanuel Cleaver has not said anything at all about Obamacare on Twitter recently, much less the contraception issue.

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer (R) hasn't specifically addressed contraception, but he has tweeted against Obamacare, which is par for the course for Republicans.

And St. Louis' Representative Lacy Clay (D) hasn't talked about contraception, but he has been tweeting heavily in favor of Obamacare, urging people to sign up.

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