Opening Day 2014: Cardinals Fever Takes Over St. Louis, the Internet

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Jon Gitchoff/RFT Slideshow
It's Opening Day! Who's excited?
Break out those Cardinal-red jerseys, folks. It's officially Opening Day!

The St. Louis Cardinals take on the Cincinnati Reds away today. The Redbirds' first game hasn't even started yet, but fans are reaching a fever pitch on Twitter:

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You'll know a Cardinals fan when you see one by their jersey..and by their indignation for anyone NOT wearing a jersey. It doesn't matter that the Redbirds aren't playing at home. If its game day for the Cardinals, it's game day for the rest of St. Louis, and fans are dressed for the part.

Even pizza gets excited for the Cardinals:

After a brutal winter, Cardinals fans are hailing Opening Day as the true start of spring. Maybe that's why St. Louis' team mascots are already partying pretty hard.

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jaco1175 topcommenter

Wow Lindsey ! Congrats on submitting a story that didn't make you look like an epic cunt!

aaronmccoy242 topcommenter

St Louis, land of the jerseys from players traded 3 seasons ago.  Rolen on!!!!

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