Same-Sex Marriage Comes Early to Illinois

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Same-sex couples can apply for marriage licenses months ahead of schedule.
Madison and St. Clair counties, both just across the river from St. Louis, are allowing same-sex couples to marry three months ahead of schedule.

Attorney General Lisa Madigan encouraged Illinois counties to skip waiting until June 1 and start granting same-sex marriage licenses immediately after a federal-court ruling last month allowed gay couples to marry in Cook County, which includes Chicago.

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"There is no reason to delay further when no opposition has been presented to this court, and committed gay and lesbian couples have already suffered from the denial of their fundamental right to marry," U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman stated in the ruling.

Promo Missouri, the statewide LGBT advocacy group, called the county offices throughout Illinois to find out where couples could apply for marriage licenses. St. Clair and Madison counties, both neighbors to St. Louis, told the group they are allowing same-sex couples to apply for marriage licenses.

Promo Missouri
Here are the counties allowing same-sex marriage before June 1.
The state attorney's office still has to approve the licenses, which could take a week in St. Clair County. Monroe County officials told KSDK (Channel 5) they are still adjusting the computer program and didn't have a date set for when they'll start issuing licenses.

Illinois governor Pat Quinn applauded the decision to encourage counties to allow same-sex marriage early.

"Nobody should have to wait for equal rights when it comes to love," Quinn says.
Illinois became the sixteenth state to allow gay marriage in November.

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Jesda Ulati
Jesda Ulati

IDGAF. Can we focus on infrastructure development and education, the primary roles of state government?

Keith Pmc
Keith Pmc

Eww glad Missouri hasn't yet

Char Lee
Char Lee

I literally don't understand why gay marriage is an issue. There's supposed to be separation of church and state so anyone should be able to get married, PERIOD. This issue and what's happening in AZ are both completely embarrassing.

Jason M Parker
Jason M Parker

Contact Wayne Wallingford who wants a Jim crow type bill


It is impossible for two persons of the same sex to marry, and no governmental office possesses the authority to declare or recognize a "same sex marriage". A judge could issue a ruling that declared a man to be a toaster oven, but it would be a farce. The same holds for "same sex marriage" -- courts or legislatures may attempt to establish such unions, but those legal actions are intrinsically null and void, and have absolutely zero claim on the consciences of their citizens upon whom such laws or rulings inflict an injustice. Any enforcement against persons who rightly refuse, passively or actively, to regard such "marriages" as legitimate is, by definition, tyranny and never a defensible exercise of government power.

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