The 29 Best Hair Salon Names in St. Louis

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Lindsay Toler
Get your 'do did at Jack of all Fades.
"Where'd you get your hair done?"

When a lady hears that question, she doesn't want to respond with some barber-shop chain with a boring name like Quality Haircuts or Styles for Women. She wants to drop a name with as much flair and swag as her newly done coif.

Luckily, St. Louis is a treasure trove of creative hair-salon names that are just as exciting as your new hair extensions.

Here are the 29 hair salons in the St. Louis area with the best, most interesting, most creative names:

1. Time of the Essence

Lindsay Toler
At Time of the Essence, time is of the essence.
No one can beat Time of the Essence. We're not totally sure what it means, since we've only known to BE of the essence. But if you want your hair styled by Essence's Time, this is the place to go. Plus, it's next to Angelo's Pizza. Yum.

2. Allusions Hair Salon, Inc.
Not only do they pride themselves on literary references, they're incorporated! This is the place to go if you want a pixie cut like Daisy Buchanan, golden curls like Amy March or an updo that would impress Mr. Darcy.

Lord's & Ladies.
3. Lord's & Ladies
Grammatically, this shop makes little sense, but that's half the fun. The Lord and his ladies welcome clients to this hair salon with a full set of knight's armor.

4. It's The Hair!
This extension shop earns the title for the most literal-yet-not-boring hair salon name.

5. Another Perfect Image
Unfortunately, this salon across from Crestwood Court has gone out of business. But it leaves you wondering what its first perfect image was.

6. La Gloire De La Femme Hair Stylist "Jesus is Lord"

Lindsay Toler
La Gloire de la Femme.
The name comes from the French for "glory of women." We're sure the Jesus is Lord part is the hair salon's motto, of sorts, but we think there's a nice ring to saying the whole thing all at once.

7. Lemon Spalon
It's a salon. It's a spa. It's a spalon.

8. Jack of all Fades

Lindsay Toler
Jack of all Fades.
He's the jack of all fades and the master of fun.

Head to page two for more of the best hair salon names in St. Louis.

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