The 29 Best Hair Salon Names in St. Louis

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9. De Vyne Styles Studio
Lindsay Toler
De Vyne Style Studio.
This place is divine.

10. Uhuru Stylz
"Uhuru" means freedom in Swahili and has been associated with independence movements in Africa as well as the black power movement here in the U.S. Pair it with the word "stylz"-with-a-Z, and it's a popular natural-hair salon in Shaw.

11. Exoneration Hair Gallery
For anyone who's recently skipped out on a murder charge.

12. Blades on Washington
Because everyone kept asking, "Where are your blades?"

13. Sip Salon
Are it a cafe or a hair salon? No one's sure, but this is a perfect name for a salon known for offering coconut milk and stevia with its coffee and hot chocolate.

14. Show-Me Stylz
Way to show your Missouri pride, stylerz.

15. Club Diva Salon
For the Diva in us all.

16. Ambiance Salon
Even if you don't like your haircut, at least it has a good ambiance.

17. A Company of Two

You'd never guess this was a hair salon. It sounds more like a moving company or service for planning romantic dinners.

18. Youtopia Salon and Spa
This place is a utopia for you!

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