The 29 Best Hair Salon Names in St. Louis

Categories: Bidness

19. Headlines Hair Studio
Lindsay Toler
Maybe we're biased since we're journalists, but OF COURSE this is the name of this hair salon.

20. Tiff Loves Locks
Need help with your locks? Tiff loves 'em.

21. Bouffant Daddy

The only things better than the name of this shop are the kick-ass wig designs it posts on Facebook.

22. Heads Unlimited
It can style unlimited heads.

23. Tuscan Sky
For someone who wants hair like an Italian sky, whatever that means.

24. Changes Salon and Spa
For David Bowie fans.

25. Juju B's
Is it named after the amazing drag queen from RuPaul's Drag Race?

26. Temptor Salon
A salon for temptors, not temptresses or tempters.

27. Medusa's Studio and Salon

If it can style Medusa, it can style anyone.

28. Designed Images
These hair styles didn't design themselves!

29. Sweet and Sassy Salon
For too long, the sassy have had nowhere to go. The reign of the sweet ends here!

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