Everyone You Know Gets Car Washed, Goes for a Jog as St. Louis Warms Up

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Paul Sableman on Flickr
It's finally warm and dry enough to get a car wash!
We don't want to jinx anything, but it sure is starting to feel like spring in St. Louis.

After a winter full of polar vortices, frost quakes and far too many snow days, St. Louisans are itching to feel the sun on their skin -- and to get those salt stains off their cars.

Patios, playgrounds and public spaces were packed Sunday, despite the temperature staying slightly-cool at around 55 degrees.

People seemed willing to take any excuse to get outdoors:

With the forecast finally looking up, many St. Louisans seemed to have the same idea: wash all this salt off the car.

And after those long, winter days stuck at home eating junk and marathoning House of Cards, joggers and bicyclists filled sidewalks, parks and trails around the city.

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Kirsten Mary
Kirsten Mary

As long as runners stay on the sidewalks and bikers obey the rules of the road and stop at stop signs. So many times they just fly thru them and almost slam into my car. If they ever hit me, it won't be my fault. Don't know why they don't use to paths the city and county paid millions for them to use.

Jon Dent
Jon Dent

It's only for like two days. There's a mid week winter storm that's hitting us.

Bob Stclair
Bob Stclair

Snow wednesday ? ! If you dont like st.Louis ???? Just sit.ck around . It'll change !!!

Lori K Logan
Lori K Logan

Dont wash your car because Wednesday is snow and rain! Winter is NOT over!

Rachel Pfeiffer
Rachel Pfeiffer

Really wanna tell winter to 'suck it' when snow in forecast for Wednesday...thanks for the jinx! :(

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