Meet the Creepy Vintage Baby Doll Exploring St. Louis One Birthday Cake at a Time

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Sheridan bought the doll in California in 2010 for his wife, Gina, before she was even his girlfriend.

"That's a make-or-break type of gift," especially early in a relationship, Sheridan admits.
But Sheridan didn't just wrap the thing in a box and put a bow on top. Gina had already owned a vintage doll named Edgar, but when it was lost, Sheridan says, he wanted to give her something new.

"Edgar had been missing, and I wanted to create a new doll life and story," he says.

Before Johnny was even introduced to his new mommy, he had a blog, Twitter account and an Instagram -- all populated by Sheridan, who also sent his future wife cryptic postcards from the doll. Johnny the baby doll describes himself online as "a highly active rockabilly baby. I am wise beyond my years, but my IQ was feeling a little sluggish. What I needed was a steady home."

But Johnny wasn't getting out of the house much until Gina had the idea to photograph him with all 250 cakes.

"It was really her idea to say, 'Let's bring Johnny,' like a good mom would," says Sheridan. "We get a lot of strange looks carrying a vintage doll around."

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Renee Leach
Renee Leach

I think the doll is great and the cakes are too each city has its own and congratulations to St Louis

Maxwell Lawl
Maxwell Lawl

So thats what that random cake I saw was.

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