USA Today: How to Spend a Hipster Weekend in St. Louis

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Jon Gitchoff
USA Today suggests Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records for your hipster music needs.
The word "hipster" is used so often now we're not totally sure what it means anymore.

In USA Today's latest weekend travel guide, "hipster" means eating donuts, shopping for vinyl and drinking craft beer. (Actually, that sounds pretty great.)

The national newspaper offered readers its top picks for a hipster getaway to St. Louis on Monday, touting places like Cherokee Street, Courtesy Diner, Vintage Vinyl, the Heavy Anchor and Strange Donuts.

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"If you're too cool for school, you'll find no shortage of the hip and happening in St. Louis," the article starts.

jmcmichael on Flickr
Street art on Cherokee Street.
USA Today gives special attention to the up-and-coming neighborhood of Cherokee Street, especially the stretch west of Jefferson Avenue that's now attracting just as many visitors as the east side's "bevy of antique and specialty shops." The newspaper credits the authentic Mexican food spots, especially El Torito and Carniceria Latino Americana, as well as the city's latest whiskey bar, the Whiskey Ring, and the eclectic arts venue 2720 Cherokee for the neighborhood's rise.

"With all of this going on, it won't be long before east meets west," USA Today says.

Unfortunately, it wasn't St. Louis' hipster appeal that drew the eye of USA Today. Clearly, some editor in a USA Today conference room asked her reporters to write travel stories that made them seem au courant:

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But we'll take what we can get.

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Want to spend the most hipster day ever in St. Louis? Here's how to do it, following USA Today's advice (and assuming you can travel via teleportation):

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