Webster Alum Todd Spence Fuses True Detective And Hardy Boys, And It's Genius

Todd Spence
Spence, a self-described pop-culture artist, says the Hardy Boys and True Detective are a natural fit.

"If True Detective was a book series by itself, it would have worked in chapter form. That was another detail I put on the covers, the book numbers, and the little plot points that coincide with the episodes."

Todd Spence
This isn't the first time one of Spence's spot-on parodies went viral: His series of Pixar characters crossed with the posters of Oscar-nominated films show the same attention to detail as his True Detective covers.

You can see the full gallery of Spence's True Detective/Hardy Boys covers on And if you're dying for more of Spence's pop-culture illustrations, head to his Tumblr page.

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