Woman Gets 15 Months in Prison for Causing "Tax Loss" of $90,000

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The IRS has to pay to keep up this building somehow.
The country is broke, so when it comes to ripping off the IRS, the federal government isn't too proud to go after the small fish.

Evelyn Silas, 53, was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for adding false information to twenty tax returns she filed for friends and family over a course of three years. The U.S. Attorney's Office says the Florissant woman "caused more than $90,000 in tax loss." That comes out to about $4,500 in "tax loss" per tax return. Silas kept a portion of each return for herself as a filing fee.

Silas, who was employed as an investigator at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of St. Louis, pleaded guilty to thirteen counts of tax and fraud charges in October 2013. She was facing up to three years in prison on each count.

When Silas gets out of prison after fifteen months, she might want to learn about dodging taxes the right way from St. Louis-area companies, like Boeing and Express Scripts.

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During 2010 -- one of the years Silas put false information on tax returns and caused a few thousand dollars in "tax loss" -- Boeing paid $0 in federal taxes and got a refund worth $124 million. Boeing, which exists primarily on government-funded contracts, pays negative 1.8 percent in taxes.

And in 2011, Express Scripts stashed $50 million in offshore accounts and evaded paying $20 million in federal taxes.

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Billion-dollar biotech behemoth Monsanto appears to pay its taxes with about 22 percent of their profits going to Uncle Sam, but that's a rate about the same as a working stiff making less than $40,000 per year.

Locking up Silas for fifteen months will cost taxpayers approximately $30,000, which doesn't include the investigation and court costs.

Happy tax season, St. Louis!

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Loré Boggess-Hayes
Loré Boggess-Hayes

I want to puke... soooo tired of big business not paying their fair share in taxes... God only knows what the Heads of those and other companies make and don't pay taxes on

Lance Lingle
Lance Lingle

If by "help" you mean willfully and fraudulently completing the returns knowing that they contained false statements then yes, but HELP is a strong word.


So.....the woman was trusted and employed by the Federal government in one of those EEOC "affirmative action" jobs. Then she choose to rip-off the Federal Gov. IRS by scamming for her friends and relatives. She took a $$ cut of every scam to line her own pockets.

She got caught.  

Taxes in The Loo are what "somebody else pays" for the folks taking a life time free-ride.  EBT cards, HUD, SSI disabilities, and Obamaphones ... "payin' da tax man is for other suckers". How else is I gonna take my baby mama to her GED class iffin' youse don't pay up? 

RFT implies that this theft is somehow OK because Big Companies get unfair tax breaks. Ahhhhhh RFT , stealing money is not OK because somebody bigger does it too. 

So are we to add Evelyn Silas to the Trayvon rally of injustices? Will the marching Reverends make a guest appearance? 

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