Boys, Young Men Report Being "Coerced" Into Sex By Female Aggressors: MU Study

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French admits the numbers she found -- 43 percent of boys and men report an unwanted sexual encounter -- seem high, but she attributes that to a broadening of the definitions she and her team operated under.

For example, French says, people often think of forcing sex as a violent, physical act, but researchers also asked about verbal coercion ("My partner threatened to spread rumors about me if I didn't have sex with her") manipulation by substance ("My partner encouraged me to drink alcohol and then took advantage") and seduction ("My partner tried to interest me by sexual touching, but I was not interested").

Eighteen percent of the boys and college-age men in the study reported sexual coercion by physical force; 31 percent said they were verbally coerced; 26 percent said they were victim to unwanted seduction; and 7 percent said the unwanted sex came after being given alcohol and drugs.

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For half of the boys in the study, the unwanted advances resulted in sexual intercourse. Ten percent reported attempting to have intercourse, and the remaining 40 percent say they were forced into unwanted kissing or fondling.

French says she hesitates to infer from her study that young girls and women are more sexually aggressive now than before, especially because she didn't specifically study female behavior in the survey.

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