Kansas Hate Crime Suspect Tells Howard Stern Why He Hates Jews, Loves Hitler So Much

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Listen to Howard Stern interview Glenn Miller, now the suspect in the Kansas City shootings at Jewish community centers.
Miller calls Adolf Hitler one of the most demonized and mischaracterized figures in history.

"Greatest man that ever walked the Earth, in my opinion," Miller says about his fanaticism for the Fuhrer.

Hitler's not the only one who's earned Miller's admiration. He calls religious and social leader Louis Farrakhan "the greatest black man America has ever produced."

But don't let that fool you. Miller still hates blacks, just not as much as Jews. In the interview, he calls President Barack Obama a "nappy-headed you-know-what in the White House."

Here's the rest of Howard Stern's interview with F. Glenn Miller.

In part two of the interview, Miller tells Stern he's fighting for the survival of his race. "All we want is to survive," Miller says. "We are dying out in number rapidly."

In part three, Stern tries to tell Miller that Miller himself is probably Jewish. Predictably, Miller totally freaks out.

And as the interview comes to a close, Miller calls the Holocaust a "rude awakening."

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