Want to Change MO's Abstinence-Obsessed Sex-Ed Laws? Not in This Legislature

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Here's the HB 1904 as Smith intended. It includes provisions for broader contraception education and strikes the current law's moralizing language.

(Note: The regular text is the existing language of the state statute; text in bold represents Smith's additions; brackets represent the portions Smith wanted to cut out.)

HB1904- Clem Smith

And here's the bill that was voted out of committee on April 1. The language was amended using what's known as a House Committee Substitute (HCS). Here, the bold text are the committee's additions. The major provisions of Smith's original bill are gone.

HB1904, Amended By Republican Lawmakers

"The whole spirit of the bill is pretty much gutted," Smith laments. "Some of the conservative members of the legislature tend to think people live in a cave."

The brunt of his frustration, Smith adds, revolves around the committee's decision to cut out more comprehensive education about STDs.

"We know that the only way to stop a pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection is to abstain from sex, but if students aren't going to follow that, they need to know about the other infections, the other things that are out there."

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jaco1175 topcommenter

Anyone ever notice that the assholes who pass puritanical laws like this are people you would never want to fuck in the first place?


Can we PLEASE get the Puritans out of positions of power?  Kids should know how things REALLY work.  Trying to scare them does not work so showing them how to do things properly should be at the top of things to teach.

James Madison
James Madison

Abstinence works. We should not be promoting sex amongst children. Yes, educate them on the biology of sex. Inform them on how ADULTS prevent pregnancies, but do not tell children they can engage in safe sex. Safe Sex is the oxymoron.

Laura Dee
Laura Dee

'Cause keeping our kids ignorant and terrified is always the best move. SMH *EYE ROLL*

Michael T Costello
Michael T Costello

Missouri has gone so so far right it's almost as they've allowed the radicals too take over the Government

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