Nathan Fillion Unwittingly Helps Local Nerds Get Engaged at Wizard World

Wizard World
Actor Nathan Fillion made a love connection for James Dauer and Jenna Nurnberger.

When Jenna Nurnberger became engaged at the Wizard World convention held in St. Louis just over a week ago, she had no idea that Nathan Fillion, her long-time Firefly crush, would be part of it.

But her fiancé James Dauer did. Well, sort of.

"You can't say 'no' to serendipity," Dauer says.

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Fillion's unwitting participation (we'll get to that later) is the perfect coda to the lovebirds' courtship. Like many couples, Nurnberger, who lives in Columbia, Illinois, and Dauer, of Waterloo, Illinois, found each other on the dating site OkCupid a little over a year ago. With each of their profiles professing love for various nerdy pursuits, the duo seemed destined for a love connection early on -- especially since TV show Firefly was a factor.

"I liked how smart she came across in her profile," Dauer says of Nurnberger. "And it didn't hurt that she put Firefly down as one of her interests."

"I did have nerdy things in my profile," Nurnberger adds. "I believe I mentioned Firefly on my profile and most likely mentioned my love for the TV show Castle [another vehicle starring Fillion]. I had really gotten into that show about the time I was doing online dating, and I seemed to be marathoning it every night!"

courtesy of Jenna Nurnberger
Jenna and James before they sealed the deal.

Since Dauer was very familiar with Nurnberger's appreciation for Fillion, he purchased Wizard World tickets as soon as the Firefly star was confirmed as a guest, adding on a VIP experience that included early entry for Fillion's limited-seating panel and a photo opportunity.

"Just the week before the tickets went on sale, I had told my best friend that I wanted to propose to her, and that I wanted to get Nathan Fillion involved somehow," Dauer tells Daily RFT.

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Dauer's wish came true during the final afternoon of the three-day Wizard World convention. April 6 was huge for Firefly fans, with Summer Glau ("River Tam") signing autographs and Fillion ("Captain Malcolm Reynolds") entertaining guests in the photo op booths before later joining Adam Baldwin ("Jayne Cobb") and Alan Tudyk ("Wash Washburne") for a Q&A panel in the Ferrara Theatre of the America's Center. With so many activities planned, Dauer just had to find the right moment to surprise the unsuspecting Nurnberger.

On page two, learn now Dauer pulled Fillion into his engagement scheme.

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