Photographer Captures Scenes of St. Louis' Decay, Rebirth Six Years Apart

Categories: Architecture

Photos by Eric Fogleman
Six years later, the tree remains.
A lot can change in six years.

That's especially true for the historic and traditional brick buildings that cover St. Louis, where just six years can mean the difference between rehabilitation and total ruin.

Utah & Wisconsin, six years later.
Photographer Eric Fogleman, a St. Louis native, returned home ten years ago and noticed how quickly real estate changes in the city. He started recreating old shots of neighborhood buildings six years apart, juxtaposing dilapidated buildings with their futures as empty lots, reworked buildings or, sometimes, just the same brick structure six years older.

As a student at St. Louis Community College's building inspection program, Fogleman says he can spot a building that's too worn down to survive much longer.

Chippewa & Oregon.
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"I can look at the thing and say, 'This sucker's going to fall,'" Fogleman tells Daily RFT. "I can smell it. St. Louis is pretty ripe."

This home at Lafayette and Nebraska disappeared in six years.
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