Someone Is Going to Win $300 for Twerking This Weekend

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Are you the queen (or king) of twerk? You can win $300.
Calling all booty clappers!

Here at Daily RFT, we consider it our duty to alert you when the opportunity arises to earn serious cash for not a lot of work. Last week, we spread the word about the St. Louis soda commercial offering to pay $750 to ladies who could expertly belch.

So we couldn't let you go out this weekend without knowing about a new contest at a University City night club.

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U City Nights is hosting its first twerking contest Sunday, and the winner will get an impressive sum: $300. Even in party capitals like Miami, we couldn't find twerking competitions that offered much more than $200.

Think you have what it takes to twerk competitively? Limber up and head down to U City Nites, 7555 Olive Boulevard, by 10 p.m. on Sunday night. Only adults over 25 are allowed, and ladies get in free all night.

So far, the rules for the twerking contest seem pretty lax. A manager tells us they'll probably name a winner based on audience applause.

If all goes well Sunday, the twerking contest could become a weekly thing. That's a lot of chances to win $300.

And a word of advice: If all you know about twerking you learned from Miley, you have a lot to learn. Maybe you should start here:

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