The 6 Best Yadier Molina Quotes From That New York Times Profile

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The New York Times calls Yadier Molina a master behind the plate.
Whether he's catching fastballs, stopping runs or hitting homers, Yadier Molina is exciting to watch when he's at home plate.

The New York Times noticed, so it sent a reporter to ask the St. Louis Cardinals catcher how he does it. In the Sunday story "From Behind the Plate, a Dutiful Master Orchestrates the Cardinals," teammates and opponents alike marvel at the semi-psychic wonder that is, as St. Louis affectionately knows him, "Yadi."

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There are too many bits of Yadi goodness for Daily RFT to extrapolate them all, so we chose our six favorite quotes from or about Molina:

No. 6: "My family taught me about that, about being the leader, being there for your teammates and caring about everything during the game, after the game, before the game. Just care about your teammates, care about the game, try to be good each day. That's the way I do my part." -Molina

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Yadier Molina gives the ball to Chris Carpenter.
Molina says he fine-tuned his catching skills with his family, which makes sense because his two brothers are also major-league catchers.

No. 5: "I pretty much worship the ground he walks on." -Shelby Miller, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher

Molina's pitch selection is so perfect that Miller says he shakes off his signs fewer than five times a year. His skills, the New York Times says, come from a mixture of preparation -- Molina sometimes comes to games six hours early -- and rapid improvisation.

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No. 4: "I'm human. There's going to be a case when that happens. But right now, I'm faster to get it. You play more games, you get more maturity, and you get smarter." -Molina

When Molina was a kid, batters used to fool him by pretending they wouldn't swing at a pitch only to hit it at the last minute. Now, Molina uses this trick to fool MLB pitchers, Pat Neshek, new to the Cardinals, tells the New York Times. Molina's batting average, as of Monday, is .338.

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