The 6 Best Yadier Molina Quotes From That New York Times Profile

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Yadier Molina.
No. 3: "The things he does midgame, you'd have to watch him with a pretty educated eye as far as realizing when he does something that has meaning. The other side won't even know." -Mike Matheny, St. Louis Cardinals manager

If anyone knows how hard Molina's job is, it's Matheny. Matheny used to have his job. As a catcher for the Cardinals, Matheny played in 611 games, racking up 4,938.1 innings and committing only fourteen errors.

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No. 2: "It doesn't bother me," he said. "Seriously. Whenever I'm on the field, I'm another guy." -Molina

The New York Mets hate Molina after he hit the homer that clenched the NLCS in 2006. It didn't help that Molina and the Cardinals went on to win the World Series. But no amount of booing from Mets fans can shake Molina.

No. 1. "Little things." -Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher

In a 134-word quote, Wainwright describes in detail how he follows Molina's soft and steady hands from the mound. But then, Wainwright can aptly sum up Molina's skills in those two little words. It's the little things that make Molina so successful, Wainwright says.

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