Twitter Confusion: St. Louis Blues Hashtag Looks Gay But Isn't

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Jon Gitchoff
#LGB means "Let's go, Blues."
St. Louis Blues fans are blowing up Twitter this week as the team prepares to face the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL playoffs.

But one hashtag in particular is causing some confusion between hockey fans and casual tweeters.

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Blues fans have abbreviated the cheer "Let's go, Blues!" to "#LGB" on Twitter. (When you only have 140 characters, abbreviating is vital.)

But to St. Louisans who aren't up on the latest sports trends on social media, the LGB hashtag is a little confusing, especially since those letters are often used as an acronym for the lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) community.
So if you were wondering, this uber fan did not hand-mow the acronym for lesbians, gays and bisexuals into his lawn. By "LGB," he means, "Let's go, Blues!"
But we have to admit, reading these posts is a lot funnier when we pretend #LGB means means the tweet is supposed to be super gay.
For the non-Tweeters out there, a hashtag works like a label, making conversations about specific topics more searchable.

For example, one of St. Louis' most popular hashtags is #stlwx, used to denote a tweet about St. Louis' weather. Instead of searching for the terms "weather" or "rain" or "snow in St. Louis," Tweeters can just type #stlwx into Twitter's search function and see what their neighbors are saying.

Also, major props to this guy for running with the whole #LGB thing.

Spice it up, indeed.

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Danny Yosbornata

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Lori Merrick
Lori Merrick

im havin a second knee replacement on 6th of may... woried already left one done

Michael Crane
Michael Crane

I was initially confused myself. Like are they not associated with Transgenders anymore? Oh wait... Lets Go Blues, gee I was wondering why Billy had gotten so gay on twitter overnight.

Courtney Mae
Courtney Mae

See Aaron Dickerman I'm not the only one whose always thought that!!

Colin Feeney
Colin Feeney

Meredith--don't take anything for granted. ;)


This has been used as a "hashtag" for a couple years now as well as being understandably confused with Lesbian,Gay , Transexual... You guys and gals at the RFT need a better editor who's more in tune with  the goings on in St.Louis. Nobody thinks when you post " Gotta beat the Blackhawks #LGB" that you're referring to the gay community.. this to me is you guys fishing for something "edgy" to write about the Blues in light of the playoffs. Get a Grip RFT.

Meredith Gulley
Meredith Gulley

I predict that this will be the 48th year without a Stanley

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