Want to Propose at Busch Stadium? Here's How It Works (And How Much It Costs)

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Now you know how much it cost him to do this.
Want to be sure your St. Louis sweetheart will accept your proposal of life-long love? Then where else to get down on one knee and break out the ring than baseball heaven itself, Busch Stadium.

About 30 couples get engaged on the St. Louis Cardinals' home turf every year. The Redbirds don't allow proposals during a game, so couples come in for private tours on off-days or before night games to have their special moment.

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Proposing at Busch Stadium costs at least $250. That'll get you one hour in the stadium, complete with a private tour for a group fewer than twenty people plus parking. For an extra $250, the proposer can put a static message up on the scoreboard for his or her proposee.

He puts a ring on it at Busch Stadium.
If you're looking to Kimye your fiancee-to-be by surprising him or her with family and friends during the proposal, that's another $100.

So in total, a tour of Busch Stadium that turns into a marriage proposal and ends with family and friends surprising the couple costs a total of $600.

That's not far off from the cost to propose at other MLB stadiums. Only two teams charge more for proposals: The Los Angeles Dodgers ask for $2,500 for a proposal featured live on the video board. The same thing at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, costs $1,500.

Lovebirds will find the most bang for their buck in Miami's Marlins Park, according to a cost analysis by Swimmingly, where $500 buys a video proposal, a PA announcement and a dozen roses delivered by Billy the Marlin, the team's mascot.

Five MLB teams, including the Kansas City Royals, don't allow stadium proposals.

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Yarh! I have been curious about how much it really cost. $2500 is a total cost..However, that's an acceptable price.


What about all the proposals I've seen there on the Kiss Cam?

Stu Katz
Stu Katz

nice look,, obviously from Jefferson, Franklin or Washington Counties. I wonder how his latest batch of meth came out! Probably not well as the bouquet looks like it came from7-11

Jim Williams
Jim Williams

I'm thinking somewhere down the road they are going to wish they hadn't wasted that $600?

DoucheMcGee topcommenter

They're non-refundable, so make sure she's going to say yes lololol

Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis

Lol copy off deadspin. And then a follow up article of how BPV is racist bc they don't allow proposals


That's not bad at all. However, you need to be sure your significant other would be into this kind of proposal before shelling out the dough only to completely miss the mark.

I'd also encourage those who are interested in proposing to check out my book, "How to propose without screwing it up: 50 common mistakes you won't know you're making and how to avoid them" at or amazon -

It's a 150 page book on getting the details right and making sure you put a lot of thought, effort and meaning behind the way you propose (which is what women really appreciate and love). 

Remember, women want to retell a proposal story that is significant to some aspect of your relationship and that will make all her friends swoon! 



Somewhere out there, an editor weeps.


'Every inch' of Busch Stadium is a money-maker. Now Village. Every inch of the Zoo and Museums, Science Center and Botanical Gardens-money-makers. Time to separate the citizens of St. Louis and St. Louis County from these money-makers meaning time to END all direct tax support to their operations, their promotions, their profit centers and their ability to shelter money from taxes. City and County:stop paying off Ballpark bonds for 'failure to execute'. Lower the hotel/motel tax which is regressive, or direct the tax for use within St. Louis County. City and County officials: dissolve the Zoo-Museum taxing district and stop collecting tax money for its five institutions, saving $70 million a year for taxpayers. 

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