The Evening Whirl is Tweeting Stories of Pimps, Drugs, Heartache in 140 Characters or Less

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Ireland liked what he saw, wanted to get into writing, and called up Anthony Sanders, the editor-in-chief of the Whirl. He asked for a job. It just so happened Sanders was looking for somebody to help with the paper's layout.

"It was good timing," Ireland says. "I wasn't interested in doing law, and this allowed me to pay my bills and still be able to write."

Ireland has been a part of the Whirl ever since.

But before he worked at the Whirl full-time, Ireland was a case worker at New Life Evangelistic Center, which allowed him to get to know St. Louis' downtrodden on a personal basis. He still does some work at the non-profit organization, where he co-hosts a news and views show on Channel 24 with Larry Rice, the founder of New Life. And after he hears about people who are down on their luck, Ireland might post a tweet that replaces fictionalization with social critique.

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The tweets Ireland writes are meant to tell snippets of stories that give readers just enough information to imagine what's happening. The downtown don worried about spending time in prison -- maybe because he's too old to be a don in today's game. A well-known gambler who dropped $5,000 on a basketball game -- and might lose, which could explain why he's so well-known. The struggling musician who might be wondering why he keeps on playing.

Despite the Whirl having one of the most unique and fun-to-read Twitter accounts in journalism, the old-school paper is still working on developing its website. In the meantime, the actual paper can best be appreciated the way it has been since 1938: on paper.

So until you can grab a copy, read the tweets.

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