Boo Boo the Bear is Saved, Finds Temporary Home at Saint Louis Zoo after Rabies Scare

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Long live Boo Boo the bear!
Boo Boo, the three-month-old bear cub who caused a brief rabies scare at a petting zoo at Washington University, has a new home at the Saint Louis Zoo -- for now.

The bear cub narrowly avoided a death sentence after eighteen students came forward to say the animal had nibbled on their fingers, breaking the skin and putting them at risk of rabies, at a student-organized, end-of-year event designed as a pre-finals stress reliever.

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Officials had planned to put the bear down to test for the deadly disease, but by Friday afternoon, the Missouri Department of Conservation said it was confident enough in the bear's lineage that it could be spared. Boo Boo was born in captivity -- not in the wild, as officials originally thought -- and raised on Cindy's Zoo, a petting zoo in Moscow Mills.

Here's the adorable Boo Boo:

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which has issued several warnings to Cindy's Zoo owner Cindy Farmer for improper facilities and veterinary care, asked the Saint Louis Zoo to help poor baby Boo Boo.

"Basically, we'll be giving him the proper nutrition, the proper care," says Susan Gallagher, spokeswoman for the zoo, to the Associated Press.

Boo Boo will stay out of the public eye for at least a month while veterinarians check it for parasites and perform other health tests and a nutritionist analyzes its diet.

"After that, we'll evaluate where he belongs, either here at the zoo or at some other zoo that might want him," Gallagher says to the Associated Press.

In the meantime, the Missouri Department of Conservation is investigating how the bear was allowed to come into contact with humans, which is technically against state law.
"The law does not allow human contact other than handlers if they have a permit," says Larry Yamnitz, chief of the protection division at the conservation department, to the AP. Cindy's Zoo did not have a permit.

Farmer has not returned the Daily RFT's calls for comment.

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Katherine Lawson
Katherine Lawson

Two completely unrelated friends commented on this ... FB makes us a small world.

Kathryn Phillips-Pope
Kathryn Phillips-Pope

Steve, just because one is intelligent does not mean that they have one iota of common sense. Some of the most well educated folks I know are clueless when it comes to day to day decisions. I am just so relieved that they did not have to euthanize the bear due to humans being uber stupid. He's a baby bear, for God's sake, he is going to mouth and scratch and act like a little heathen........jeez..

Karla Terhark
Karla Terhark

Of course he is adorable, I just can't believe the organizers didn't anticipate that he would play bite, as ANY puppy or kitten does at that age. Kudos to the organizations that made the rational decision to spare him and put him on the right track towards a life at a responsible zoo and not a backwoods 'zoo' that exploits wild animals for profit.

Jasson Brandtt
Jasson Brandtt

Kalina M. Ohhhhh we are going to see this lil bear

Scott Gresham
Scott Gresham

Are you telling me I missed out on petting a bear cub?! WHERE WAS THIS STORY WHEN I COULD STILL GO!

Tara Rojas
Tara Rojas

Thank goodness!! That was awful to think they would actually have to do that!!

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

can't believe the idiots at wash u. thought this was a good idea.

Zac Nevill
Zac Nevill

that's what happens when the people get pissed!

dalediversity topcommenter

Sounds like Cindy's Zoo needs to be shut down

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