Three Significant St. Louis Historic Rehabs: Sun Theater, Hammond Apts., 3867 Shenandoah

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All photos by Chris Naffziger
The Sun Theater before renovation, site of Landmarks Association's Most Enhanced Awards.

As director of Landmarks Association of St. Louis, Andrew Weil is often one of the first to learn about the threats facing the city's architectural legacy. Whether it's a historic building demolished due to neglect or development, each loss hurts. Still, Weil and his small staff keep on trudging along, knowing that another red-brick treasure might disappear without their vigilant eyes keeping lookout.

And, thankfully, it's not all gloom and doom over at Landmarks.

Just a few years ago, the cornice of the Sun Theater was falling off the building.

Lately, Weil and his staff have had plenty to celebrate, with the successful renovations of dozens of significant local treasures. For almost two decades now, Landmarks has presented its annual "Most Enhanced Awards" that honor the developers and architects whose work is not only preserving the historic aesthetic of St. Louis but also providing construction jobs the fuel the local economy. Last week at the newly restored Sun Theater, Landmarks had even more good news than usual to share as it recognized an unprecedented number of seventeen properties -- its most ever in a single year.

The haunting interior of the Sun Theater last year before renovation began.

Continue on for more about the newly renovated Sun Theater and two more "Most Enhanced Winners" that demonstrate historic rehabilitation at its best.

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