Rams Draft Michael Sam, St. Louis Suddenly Cares About Its Football Team Again

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4. Sam already has a Visa endorsement.

Visa has already put out a commercial starring Sam, who is pumping iron furiously while his voiceover asks the audience to judge him for his performance on the field -- not his love life off the field. "We felt that Michael's story was a perfect fit for our 'everywhere' campaign, which is meant to inspire people to reach their own personal goals and aspirations," Visa's chief marketing officer Kevin Burke said in a statement. "We wish Michael the best on and off the field as he embarks on the next chapter of his life."

5. People seem to care about the Rams again.
When the Rams aren't the butt of a joke about losing, they're a source of constant speculation: Will the team stay in St. Louis? Will they move to California? Will Stan Kroenke ever get the millions of dollars in stadium improvements he demands?

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Now, the narrative has changed. The Rams aren't just the team that used to have that cute quarterback from the Charter commercials. The Rams are the team that landed Michael Sam, the NFL's first out gay player.

6. Sales for Michael Sam Rams jerseys are already through the roof.
ESPN says the Rams started printing Sam jerseys less than three hours after he was the 249th pick in the draft. He doesn't even have a number yet, but No. 10 jersies with "Sam" on the back are already selling like crazy, apparently.

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