Riverfront Times News Blogger Wants Your Story Ideas

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Here at Daily RFT, the Riverfront Times' news blog, we're constantly scanning the Interwebz for St. Louis news you need to know now.

We're on Facebook and Twitter. We're reading Google Alerts and Google Trends. We're watching far more St. Louis-based YouTube videos than we'd like to admit. Sometimes, we even find stories on Reddit (although Redditors don't seem to like that very much).

And when we're not online, we're in the real world. Daily RFT reports from courtrooms, cop cars, flying trapezes, world headquarters, quarries, people's living rooms and more.

But there's one place we just can't go: inside your mind.

So consider this an open invitation, St. Louis. If there's a piece of news banging around in that head of yours, we want to hear about it. Maybe you're launching a new project to make the city a better place. Maybe there's a problem in your neighborhood that no one can fix. Maybe you have a story to tell but you need someone to help tell it.

Some of our favorite story ideas have come from people like you, and we can't wait to write our next big story -- with your help.

Want to send a news tip to the Riverfront Times? E-mail Lindsay Toler, Daily RFT's editor, at Lindsay.Toler@riverfronttimes.com. For the Twitter-inclined, you can also find her @stlouislindsay.

So tell us, St. Louis. What's the scoop?

Follow Lindsay Toler on Twitter at @StLouisLindsay. E-mail the author at Lindsay.Toler@RiverfrontTimes.com.

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Adam C Gabor
Adam C Gabor

How about a story about two young pilots trying to make it in the world of dogfighting, only to have his Co pilot taken too early in the Indian Ocean. There's volleyball, laughter, sadness and some righteous brothers songs

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