St. Louis Native Amber Lyon Starts News Site Devoted to "Psychedelic Journalism"

Through original work, aggregation, and links to scientific studies done on psychedelics, Lyon hopes will be a resource for information on the medicinal aspects of substances that are beginning to get a little more respect these days. As medical marijuana has become accepted by more Americans as a healthier alternative to pharmaceuticals to treat some ailments, so has a more open-minded approach to other substances more often associated with tripping than healing.

Mushrooms and ayahuasca have both been studied to treat PTSD and although Lyon says her website will focus on natural substances, MDMA, better known as ecstasy, has been shown to treat PTSD and depression. And with the high rate of prescription drug abuse and heroin in the St. Louis area, Lyon says people here could especially benefit from a more natural approach.

"I see [] as not only a form of activism but as a form of responsible journalism and I feel a duty to get it out there, especially here in St. Louis because so many people in St. Louis are suffering from prescription pill and opioid addiction," she says, adding that ibogaine, a substance made from a African shrub, has been used to treat opiate addiction, but is illegal under U.S. law.

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Lyon adds that in addition to treating ailments with natural substances, ayahuasca, psilocybin mushrooms, and other psychedelics could help people stop being so mean to each other, too.

" I think part of the problem of why we're having so many wars and fighting is because people carry around trauma that they haven't processed and that manifests itself into anger and in lying, cheating, and stealing," she says. "So if everyone is able to have access to these medicines to purge that trauma, then we won't have nearly as many problems in the world."

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