PHOTOS: St. Louis Is Building Its First Legal Skateboarding Park

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Team Pain, a company from Florida that builds skate parks all over the country, told KHVT it would build the park for St. Louis for free if KHTV could get land, supplies and volunteers.

"Skate parks cost thousands and thousands of dollars, but [Team Pain] loves us, and they are behind us, because we are one of the few major cities that doesn't have a free public skate park," Bedwell says. "They can't stand it. They think it's a travesty."

Skateboarders are already practicing their moves on the park's new ramps, which have progressed from this a few weeks ago...

img_2719.jpg this:

Lindsay Toler
KHVT also applied for and won a matching $5,000 grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation, which funds parks across the country. Usually, the foundation requires cities to have professional builders on-call before awarding funds, but KHVT's promise of volunteer labor won them the money.


Check out even more photos of St. Louis' first legal skatepark on the next page.

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