19 Hard-To-Spell Words That St. Louisans Know By Heart

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11. Schoemehl

Schoemehl pots.
Vincent Schoemehl used to be the mayor of St. Louis. Now, his name lives on in the giant concrete structures that stop cars from driving onto your street.

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12. Fyler

If you've never heard this word pronounced, you might think it's "Flyer." It's not.

13. Busch

Roger 4336 on Flickr
It's not Bush Stadium.

14. Schlafly

There's an extra C adding some power to the first syllable of this local family's name.

15. Schnickelfritz

The German word for a mischievous rascal is now the name of one of St. Louis' favorite new beers. We'll remember how to spell it...until we've had a few.

16. Florissant

It's spelled with one R and two S's. But you probably knew that if you're from St. Louis.

17. Forsyth

It's not like "sythe." There's no E.

18. Tilles

We're always tempted to spell this "Tillis." But that would be wrong.

19. Clydesdale

pioneerpeststl via flickr
You've gotta get this one right if you say you're from St. Louis.
There's an E in the middle!

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