22 St. Louis Dogs That Want to Be the Best Fans in Baseball

Categories: Animals

15 & 16. These matching dogs.
Nothing feels better than a breeze through your ears.

17 & 18. These terriers in the outfield.

"Turn us around, we're trying to watch the game!"

19 & 20. These whispy white wonders.

These two just want to run around on the field.

21. This dog who is ready to sub in.

Put me in, coach!

22. This dog that needed a better angle to see the mound.

How is he supposed to cheer if he can't see the pitch?

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Karl Richards
Karl Richards

They go to the bathroom pretty much wherever in the designated zone...owner is responsible for clean up. I didn't see one mess the while time and all the dogs were extremely well behaved!

Kevin Baker
Kevin Baker

Where do they go bathroom at...didn't know you were aloud pets at the ballpark

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