5 Reasons Why Getting Marijuana Delivered in the Mail is Awesome

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4. Getting Packages in the Mail is Fun and Even Funner When it's Weed

This reason needs no explanation.

5. Mail-Delivered Weed Prevents Awkward Conversations with That Guy You Don't Really Like

Not everybody likes their weed dealer. He or she might be a good person and you don't really have anything against them, but maybe you just don't click and you'd rather just get your stuff and go. But that would be rude. And you need to maintain this relationship, so you stay, talk about the weather or civil engineering, and just feel weird for 20 minutes. And of course, there's always the possibility your weed dealer guilt-trips you into staying to smoke a joint, witness a murder, and then flee for your life from crooked cops and drug lords.

But mail-delivered weed? That allows you to indulge your anti-social smoker fantasies with no awkwardness and no hurt feelings whatsoever.

Too bad it's illegal.

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