Archbishop Carlson Gives New Excuse for Controversial "I Don't Remember" Comments

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Archbishop Carlson just "misunderstood" that kiddie rape question.
Archbishop Robert Carlson has had a bad month. But St. Louis' holiest man has faith that if he makes the right excuse, a miracle will happen and it'll all just go away.

For the second time in a week, the public relations wizards at the St. Louis Archdiocese have sought to address the uproar that came as a result of Carlson saying in a deposition that he could not remember if he knew sexually abusing a child was a crime during his time at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Archdiocese during the 70's and 80's.

After the deposition was released, the Archdiocese issued a press release that accused the plaintiff's lawyers of taking Carlson's comments out of context and then blamed the media for eating it up.

But on Friday, Carlson put out a video statement in which he says that he simply misunderstood the question, and that's why he said he didn't know sexually abusing a child was a crime.

"In the deposition last month, I misunderstood a series of questions that were presented to me," Carlson says in the video. "I wish to clarify that situation now."

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He continues: "I fully understand, and have understood for my entire adult life, as I
stated in other sections of this same deposition, sexual abuse is a grave evil and a criminal offense. I reiterate my commitment to protect children from sexual abuse. I support mandatory child abuse reporting laws, to which the Archdiocese strictly adheres."

However, Carlson never explains why he said -- multiple times -- that he "doesn't remember" if he knew that an adult having sex with a child was a crime, which was the root of the controversy last week. Carlson also fails to explain why he said "I don't remember" 193 times during the deposition, including questions of whether he called the police on priests accused of sexual abuse, including Thomas Adamson, who openly admits to molesting "several" boys as he was shuffled in between parishes at the behest of Carlson amidst the sex abuse allegations during the '70s and '80s.

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Big surprise. The media bashing Catholics again. To the people that are posting in here: did anyone read the deposition in full? I did, and after doing so it's obvious that the archbishop was saying he wasn't aware of when priests became mandatory reporters of child sexual abuse. I've heard the most ridiculous things from people in response to this. That the archbishop was protecting child molester priests? In the deposition he clearly states that he didn't want the priest in question to continue preaching because he was a pedophile. That was his position then. Also, I the archbishop didn't need to do this interview. He did it voluntarily. 

The other thing, that the archbishop belongs in jail. Explain more please. Yes, please give me some facts about why this man belongs in jail! Other than a quote that was just taken out of context. Gosh, oh and the ' I don't remember'  seems to be getting everyone riled up. It was 30 years ago, for one, and the Archbishop says during the deposition that he wanted to be sure about something before going out and saying it because he considers the matter to be so important. So it was 30 years ago and he was under oath. He says that there should be paper documents explaining what had happened. And he says that the paper documents were true if he wrote them. I. E. The man knows that he's honest if he is saying that the documents must be accurate. 

I get sick of all the Catholic bashing. I am tired of the media reporting only negative things about the church, who has done so many good things as well. It sickens me that anyone could molest a child especially a priest. But this whole idea that just because less than 1% of the priest are pedophiles makes them all pedophiles is incorrect. There have been pedophile doctors and teachers. Does that make them all pedophiles? Of course not. Most are good people. So please just stop being so hard on these guys who are really trying to help us. Yeah there's some bad guys out there, but the vast vast majority are good people. 


Top Ten Options For Catholic Church Hierarchy When Raping and Sodomizing Innocent Children Falls Into That Grey Area of What The Hell Do I Do Now.

Since St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson, like so many other Catholic Church Hierarchy, do not know if a Catholic priest raping or sodomizing a child is reason to contact someone, anybody, maybe even police. I offer at no charge, this free guide.

1. Try contacting the president of the local Hell’s Angels, Pagans or other motorcycle group, although some of the fellows are pretty tough characters, my bet is that they would offer better advice than how the clergy abuse scandal could have and should have been handled.
2. Contact local drug dealers, used car salesmen and loan sharks. I admit that these guys may have some faults, but even these guys have a warm spot in their hearts for children.
3. Contact the local town drunkards, homeless people and other folks we all tend to shy away from, again, even on their worst days, these folks would have a better way to handle the problems that Carlson erred so terribly on.
4. Contact international terrorists groups such as, Al-Qaeda, Cosa Nostra, or any group with a reputation for doing things their own way. Again, even if you quiz these guys on a day they get out of the wrong side of the bed, usually, they are in favor of protecting children.
5. Contact your favorite rock ‘n roll band, heavy metal band or any band that is on a drinking and drug binge. Their advice should prove to be better than what was decided by Carlson.
6. Contact a Catholic Bishop or cardinal from any of the 195 diocese in the United States and whatever their advice is, do just the opposite.
7. Contact any attorney who has ever made a dime off the Catholic church and do just the opposite of what they suggest.
8. A random sampling of convicted felons should offer better choices than the ones made by Carlson.
9. Construct a spinning wheel with the following option: do anything except follow the guidelines set forth by Archbishop Robert Carlson. Spin the wheel. It should land on the only option that was described. Follow the directions.
10. Ask witchdoctors, voodoo doctors or any member of the fake religions out there that do not adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church and then follow their advice.

Jaylee Venne
Jaylee Venne

This guy should be sent to a federal pen for life without parole, he'll get superb "Jesus-like" treatment and all anyone would ever have to say is "I don't remember our I don't recall" what happened! Screw this guy!

dalediversity topcommenter

This guy needs to be in prison 


Actually, this is the third excuse Carlson has offered. Last Monday, it was "Geez, this was all so long ago." Last Wednesday, it became "Reporters took this out of context." Then on Friday, it became "I misunderstood" (even though he was asked the same question four times).

But ignore for a minute what "Can't Recall" Carlson says. Look instead at what he does.

--He lets a twice-arrested priest live unsupervised just six minutes away from the parish where the priest met and abused a boy and a girl recently (Fr. Joseph Jiang)

--He uses every possible legal technicality to evade responsibility for pedophile priests (getting out of one lawsuit by arguing that the priest molested a boy on private property, thus church officials can't be held responsible (Fr. Thomas Cooper)

--He refuses to address the sworn testimony of a Minnesota bishop who says Carlson told him to pretend memory loss in depositions (Bishop Loren Watters)

--He keeps a priest on the job who has been accused of molesting three kids (Fr. Alex Anderson).

We could go on and on. . .Those who want to help, please see

David Clohessy, SNAP, Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, 566 9790,


@alexr1090 - Please do a little homework. In the U.S., about 6% of priests (6,200 men) have been accused of abusing. . . see

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